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Good evening.

This is a serious community for discussion of the rather dangerous impact of art on today's youth. It appears that certain genres of art cause drug abuse, teenage pregnancies, homosexuality, premarital sex and voting for liberals/democrats. We here at modernart_slash are strongly against all this type of behavior and therefore we suggest some censure over certain paintings/records/movies.

An example:

this is Stacey (name changed) at the age of 16. A smart young woman with good morals and a great sense of responsibility. She belonged to the church youth group and at her freetime she attended knitting club and  baked cookies with her friends.

But once, when she was on her way to home from school, she met this creepy man :

Note the satanic signs he is showing.  (srsly elijah IS creepy.) This boy named George (name changed) seemed like a healthy young man outside, but the truth was very different. Anyhow, Stacey was fooled by George's boyish charms and was taken into:

THE GALLERY OF MODERN ART aka church of sin.

there Stacey's pure mind was filthened by these horrendeous works:

There was a painting of a naked man, and probably soon after this there will be some premarital sex taking place on that sinful sofa.

This piece of filth is called surrealism, but obviously here at modernart_slash this is a very clear indication of drug abuse. BEWARE  FELLOW PARENTS :letting your children see this image will lead them to OD on heroin. This is a proven fact.

Watching this painting by the antichrist: mr. Duchamp will lead to homosexuality and teenage pregnancies.

This painting is not actually painting at all. Under it there is a record, which has some very dangerous music on it. This musical group also known as the Velvet Underground, among hardcore users, includes a very dangerous material which might lead to smoking crack or  teenage pregnancies. Also the banana is an indication of homosexuality, don't let your sons see this or they will fancy themselves some "banana" very soon.

After leaving the gallery, something had changed. Stacey wasn't her normal beautiful self:

she had turned into a cocaine snorting, anorectic whore and started dating a dangerous junkie:

who was according to our sources GAY!






modernart_slash, ms. daysofcat

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